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The Amadeo Folco Family, Blackpool Tower Circus, 1987

Amadeo Folco provided animal numbers for several of Peter Jays productions in the 1980's and 1990's, at the Hippodrome, Blackpool Tower and Superdome Circus
Salimar presenting the ponies

Adriana Folco, High School
Amadeo and Adriana with the Elephants

Sally Ann Roncescu, Elephants and Zebra, Chipperfields' Circus, 1995

Presenting Mary Chipperfields' African Elephants, Rosa and Opal

Two zebra were added to the act during the season

Othmar Vohringer, Peter Jay's Superdome Circus, 1993

with Mary Chipperfields' Tigers

Alex Larenty Blackpool Tower Circus, 1986

presenting Jim Clubbs' Zebra and White Mules

Alex Larenty, Hippodrome Circus, 1985

Presenting Amadeo Folcos' Elephants

The Amadeo Folco Family, Superdome Circus, Blackpool, 1995

The Salimars, eastern themed presentation with camels and horses

The Zingarros, spanish themed high school number, from Amadeo and his daughters

The elephant act, a full act which moved at a very fast pace and was well 'dressed'. The act (as it appeared at the Blackpool Superdome) won the Circus Friends Association Best Animal Act award in 1995.

Amadeo Folco Elephants and Horses Medrano 2010 Video 1
Amadeo Folco Elephants and Horses, Medrano 2010, Video 2
Amadeo Folco Elephants, Medrano 2010
Adriana Folco, Fresian Horses, Circus Renz
Adriana Folco with Elephant Baby, Circus Renz
Adriana Folco with Elephant Baby, Circus Renz Video 2

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