Monday, 17 May 2010

Dickie Chipperfields' Tigers, Chipperfields Circus 1995

presented by Gary Ambrose


  1. I saw him performing three times, 2001 at Renz, 2002 at Grand Cirque des Pays de l'est and 2005 at Moscow Star Circus. In 2005 he had just 4 tigers left. I also know that he performed at Cirque Alain Zavatta in 2003. And he worked for Jim Clubb in the winter of '87/'88. Do you know or he worked in other circuses with these tigers ?

  2. From the information I can gather, Gary worked this group on Chipperfields Brothers Circus 1992, and Chipperfields 1993 then in Sardinia with Circo Miranda Orfei from October 1985.

  3. Do you mean 1995? And until when did he stayed with Orfei?


  4. I saw Gary present this group in both 1993 and 1995 with Tony Hopkins Chipperfield's Circus. Richard Chipperfield also appeared in the 1995 season. Not sure where Gary took the act after Orfei, as the information I have was taken from when he was with that show. Will post the 1993 pics (not very good pics sorry).

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  6. Gary,
    This is a real nice blog you have going. Thomas told me about it, and I have been meaning to get with you, and ask if you wanted to link it to circusnospin. Send me a link if you would like to and well see if we can get it to work.
    Wade Burck

  7. Many thanks for your comments Wade, very much appreciated! I have been following your bog for quite some time now, and it gave me inspiration to start this. It's much more of a time commitment than I imagined, and need to make more of an effort to keep posting.

    I have been corresponding with Thomas and he is certainly passionate on his subject!!!!

    I have forwarded link via email.