Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sally Ann Roncescu, Horses, Chipperfields Circus 1995

Sally presenting Chipperfield's (Tony Hopkins) Arabian Stallions - originally trained by Margaret Chipperfield


  1. Margaret Chipperfield may have started training these horses for Tony Hopkins but Sallyann Roncescu finished training it, I sore Margaret presenting the act and there was no comparison to when Sallyann presented the act and not forgetting she won the circus friend association of great Britain, best equestrian act award two years running with the act so credit were credit is dew.

  2. Very true circusdays, but I did say 'originally' trained by Margaret Chipperfield. It was undoutedly Sally Ann that did the majority of the work with this group, and took the act to the level it achieved! I in no way meant to detract from the amount of work Sally Ann did, or the countless hours she will have spent! Margaret presented the act when it first appeared, at which point it was very new, and therefore a comparison would be difficult, given the age, ability and experience of the horses.

  3. Hi, I am an equestrian artist currently working on a series of liberty horses, I am writing to ask if you would give me permission to use some of these pictures as reference for a painting please, could you let me know via my site, I'd be very grateful! Thanks

  4. Hi Elin
    I would be more than happy for you to use these pictures as reference. I have many more photographs and pictures of horse acts, if you need further material.