Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cage acts at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival

Rene Strickler Pumas

 Moira Orfei Tigers with Massimilliano Nones
 Embel Riva Tigers with Roberto Belluchi
 Gerd Siemonet white tigers
 Tom Dieck
 Tom Dieck


  1. Amazing, a had seen a video of Gerd Siemoneit and René Strickler but both different video's. The act of Orfei's tigers looks really nice they work really fast ! I only hoped for a hind leg walk at the end. Really great ! thanks for sharing it !!


  2. Many thanks for your comments Thomas. I personally don't like the motor bike finish, whilst I appreciate it will appeal to the public, and is different, I too would rather have seen a hindleg walk, or a good mirror ball finish. I will try and get some more videos up as soon as possible.